the music of butch mccarthy

upcoming live shows

thursday 3/166pm-9pmcork wine + tapasw/bob calderara
saturday 3/185pm-8pmgulfstream grillw/bob calderara
saturday 3/253pm-6pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure
thursday 3/306pm-9pmcork wine + tapasw/bob calderara
wednesday 4/55:30pm-7:30pmwalrus + captainw/steve mazza
saturday 4/87pm-10pmcork wine + tapasw/seth asser
thursday 4/136pm-9pmcork wine + tapasw/bob calderara
saturday 4/155pm-8pmgulfstream grillw/steve mazza
friday 4/216pm-8pmbuzzards bay breweryw/bob calderara
saturday 4/223pm-6pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure
saturday 4/227pm-10pmcork wine + tapasw/duo
thursday 4/276pm-9pmcork wine + tapasw/bob calderara
friday 4/287:30pm-10pminn on shipyard parkw/the gentlemen of leisure
wednesday 5/35:30pm-7:30pmwalrus + captainw/steve mazza
saturday 5/67pm-10pmcork wine + tapasw/seth asser
thursday 5/116pm-9pmcork wine + tapasw/bob calderara
saturday 5/206pm-9pmgulfstream pubw/steve mazza
thursday 5/256pm-9pmcork wine + tapasw/bob calderara
saturday 5/273pm-6pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure

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