the music of butch mccarthy

upcoming live shows

wednesday 6/75:30pm-7pmwalrusw/steve mazza
friday 6/97pm-9:30pmreservation golf clubsolo
friday 6/167:30pminn on shipyard parkw/the gentlemen of leisure
sunday 6/184pm-7pmcork wine + tapassolo
monday 6/196:30pm-9:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
saturday 6/243pm-6pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure
sunday 6/254pm-7pmgulfstream grillw/steve mazza
friday 6/306pmwestport river vineyardw/bob calderara
saturday 7/16pm-9pmoff the hookw/the gentlemen of leisure
wednesday 7/55:30pm-7:30pmwalrus + captainw/steve mazza
friday 7/77pm-9:30pmreservation golf clubsolo
saturday 7/87pmbittersweet farmw/steve mazza
sunday 7/94pm-7pmgulfstream grillw/steve mazza
monday 7/106:30pm-9:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
wednesday 7/125pm-7pmnew bedford harbor hotelw/seth asser
sunday 7/16 4pm-7pmcork wine + tapassolo
monday 7/176:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
saturday 7/223pm-6pmrose alley ale housew/gentlemen of leisure
monday 7/246:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
friday 7/286pm-8pmbuzzard bay breweryw/bob calderara
sunday 7/304pm-7pmcork wine + tapassolo
monday 7/31 6:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
wednesday 8/25:30pmwalrus + captainw/steve mazza
friday 8/48:30pm-10:15pmcisco brewery nbw/gentlemen of leisure
monday 8/7 6:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
saturday 8/126pm-9pmoff the hookw/gentlemen of leisure
sunday 8/134pm-7pmcork wine + tapassolo
monday 8/146:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
friday 8/187:30pminn on shipyard parkw/gentlemen of leisure
sunday 8/204pm-7pmgulfstream grillw/steve mazza
monday 8/216:30pmtipsy seagullsolo
friday 8/258:30pm-10:15pmcisco brewery nbw/gentlemen of leisure
saturday 8/263pm-6pmrose alley ale housew/gentlemen of leisure
monday 8/286:30pmtipsy seagullsolo

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