the music of butch mccarthy

upcoming live shows

wednesday 4/35:30pmwalrus + captainw/steve mazza
saturday 4/67:00pm-9:00pmcisco brewers kitchen + barw/seth asser
sunday 4/74:00pm-6:00pmnasketucket bay vineyardsolo
saturday 4/137:00pm-10:00pmbittersweet farmw/tba
friday 4/197:00pm-9:00pmcisco brewers kitchen + barw/angelica vendetti
saturday 4/208:00pm-11:00pmmattapoisett inn w/seth asser
sunday 4/212:00pm-5:00pmnasketucket bay vineyardsolo
friday 4/265:00pm-7:00pmbook love bookstore, plymouth maw/angela vendetti
saturday 4/273:00pm-6:00pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure
friday 5/35:30pmbuzzards bay brewerysolo
thursday 5/97:00pmblack bass grillsolo
saturday 5/118:00pm-11:00pmmattapoisett innw/seth asser
sunday 5/253:00pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure
friday 5/315:00pm-7:00pmbook love bookstore, plymouth, ma.solo
wednesday 6/5 5:30pmwalrus + captainw/steve mazza
thursday 6/67:00pmblack bass grillsolo
friday 6/76:00pm-9:00pmoff the hookw/the gentlemen of leisure
saturday 6/223:00pmrose alley ale housew/the gentlemen of leisure
sunday 6/232:00pm-5:00pmnasketucket bay vineyardsolo
saturday 6/296:00pm-8:00pmbuzzards bay brewingw/the gentlemen of leisure

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